• Microsystems for investigating cell behavior represent a key technology able to provide in vitro platforms to test the effectiveness of pharmacological treatments and to validate “on cell” the results of biochemical studies.
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    The realization of innovative microsystems is carried out using MEMS/CMOS fabrication processes on silicon and glass substrates, as well as dedicated technologies for polymer-based devices and hybrid technologies for flexible electronics.
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    The group expertises range from analytical and finite element modelling (FEM), physical design to microfabrication and device packaging and testing, allowing the development of the device from the concept to final prototypes.
  • The BioMEMS group can provide state-of-the-art solutions for biomedical and environmental applications thanks to a hybrid approach that combines silicon technologies with low-cost, flexible and polymeric materials

The BioMEMS group's research activity is oriented to the design and fabrication of microsystems and microdevices for biomedical, environmental and agrofood applications. The group's fields of interest span from physics to biology and biotechnology, from electronic to material engineering allowing for the integration of several competences.