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 CONTEST (COllaborative Network for Training in Electronic Skin Technology) is a multi-site initial training network (ITN) to work in the fast expanding field of flexible and large area electronics and applications.

The CONTEST programme involves investigating various critical aspects of flexible electronics - all converging towards obtaining an electronically-enhanced and wearable smart skin. The silicon and organic materials based solutions will be investigated, yielding systems with the advantages of both. To this end, CONTEST brings together complementary expertise in flexible electronics, sensors, system integration, and robotics from nine key academic and research institutes, and industry.

CONTEST will push research frontiers towards: Multifunctional Electronics. Bendable and stretchable electronic systems over large areas. Integration of organic and inorganic materials based components onto the same substrate. Gathering “contact information” from large areas simultaneously, creating opportunities to extend the cognitive capabilities of robots, and in human-environment interfaces.
Monday, 1 October, 2012

Fraunhofer EMFT

ST Microeletronics

TUM nanotechnology

Imperial College London

University College London

Shadow Robotics

Funding: EU FP7 Framework - Marie Curie Actions