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SUMMARY Flexible Sensors and Electronic Systems for Large Areas

Silicon microstructures based approach:

The Silicon microstructures such and wires and ribbons are obtained using top-down fabrication method. The microstructures are transferred printed on flexible subtrates in such as way that electronics components can be finally obtained.

 Flex-Chip Approach:

The other method is to develop ultra thin and mechanically flexible silicon chips and transfer them on flexible substrates. This method provides complimentary solution to the silicon microstructures based approach discussed above. Some results are shown in the figures below:

This project aims to develop mechanically flexible sensors and electronic systems that will be useful for application areas like wearable electronics, electronic skin, and many more. The challenges include processing and combining stiff and brittle device materials with highly compliant substrates while ensuring proper electrical functionality of the devices (when they undergo mechanical deformations).
Saturday, 15 May, 2010
Funding: EU FP7 - Marie Curie Actions (PCOFUND–GA-2008-226070)